Dutch Oven Cooking with Charcoal

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When cooking outdoors weather it be camping or in the back yard the type of charcoal you use is determined by what kind of cooking you will be doing.

charcoal briquettes

If you are only useing the charcoal for heating a Dutch oven, you can use the quick light charcoal.  It catches fire quickly, so you can start cooking faster.

Here are my thoughts on the type of charcoal to use:

A.  Regual Charcoal  – When cooking food on an open barbeque, you will want to use charcoal that does not have any added lighter fluid in it, or quick light on the packaging. Sometimes the charcoal that has lighter fluid in it can change the flavor of the food.  Some people are very sensitive to the tint lighter fluid in their food.

charcoal chimney

B.  Fast light charcoal  – This is my favorite for cooking with Dutch oven.  The food is surounded by the Dutch oven and does not take in the flavor or the lighter fluid in the charcoal.  You can prepare you rcharcoal fastes with lighter fluid in the charcoal.

fast light charcoal

C.  Natural block charcoal – Natural wood charcoal is mainly used for smoking meats, this kind of charcoal is made from diferent kinds of trees, it comes in trees like apple wood, misquete, pecan, there are many more than these listed to give different flavor to food.

natural chunck charcoal

To make anything in an outdoor dutch oven you will need patience and good company. We usually sit around a fire and visit while we attend to the dutch oven charcoal. Once you put your charcoal on the dutch oven you so not want to open it, if you open the oven it will extend the cook time of your meal, my rule of thumb is: once I close the dutch oven, I do not open it until I think it is done.

When you go to purchase your charcoal, the larger quantity you buy the better the price.

Purchas your very own Dutch oven HERE, to create yummy treats for your friends!

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  1. Hi.I didn’t know there is a different kind of charcoal now that you said it. I was wondering why I couldn’t light up my charcoal which took me half of the day, Now I know and thanks for high; lighting this,. I know exactly what kind of charcoal to get now.

    1. I’m glad this was help to you!

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