Dutch Oven for Outdoor Cooking

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The first time I had seen a Dutch oven was…

when I went camping with some friends and they brought out a Cast Iron Dutch oven. I was6 qt dutch oven thinking, what are they going to do with that? After dinner, we were all sitting around the fire and a friend started heating up some charcoal. I watched as they made the best peach cobbler I had ever tasted. My first thought is “Man, I need to get me one of these.”

First things first, Have you ever went looking for an outdoor Dutch oven? When going shopping for a Dutch oven you can very easily get confused, Then, if are so many to choose from. When making my selection I thought, how many people will I be cooking for? It was usually around 5-6 people, then I remembered the Dutch oven my friend had, it was an 8 Quart oven and it was quite heavy. So I decided to get an outdoor Lodge Dutch oven, its is 12 inches round and holds 6 quarts.

I could not have been happier,

it makes enough dessert, depending on what I make, for about 6-8 people. My specialty is the peach cobbler that I had tried the first time I had eaten anything from a Dutch oven. It is a very easy cast iron Dutch oven recipes. We call it the dump cake, Then, if are only 3 ingredients in it.

1. 2 smasimple dutch oven recipell cans of peaches in heavy syrup

2. 1 stick of butter

3. 1 box of yellow cake mix

Once you get your charcoal hot, you will need to preheat the Dutch oven. Spread 4 or 5 briquettes under the oven so it gets nice and warm on the bottom. Unwrap one end of the stick of butter and smear it on the bottom and the sides of the inside of the oven. If the butter melts quickly you are all set to pour the two cans of peaches in your oven. Open your box of yellow cake mix and dump it onto the peaches. Sometimes it looks like a mountain, then stick the rest of the butter on top of the cake mix like a light house.

Dutch oven butterdutch oven simple recipedutch oven recipecomplete simple recipe

Then you are ready to put the lid on and let it cook for an hour. You will want to make sure Then, if are about 6 briquettes on the bottom of the oven and about 8 on the lid of the oven. Each briquette of charcoal equals to about 25 degrees. So when the cake mix says to cook at 350 degrees on the box, you will need to put 14 briquettes around your Dutch oven. About every 30 min you will need to check the charcoal, the longer they burn the smaller they get. So, I keep an eye on the briquettes, as they get about half their size, I start adding more to compensate for the charcoal burning away.

dutch oven baking used charcoalused up charcoal

When you need to move the charcoal around, I use a long metal tongs, to make sure the charcoal is where I want it. Some pot holders should be handy as well, so you don’t burn yourself. When you think you dessert is about done, if you do not have a lid lifter, just bring a hammer with you that has a claw on the back. You can pick up the lid of the oven with the claw of the hammer, just make sure you lift the lid very carefully, or you could spill ash that is on the top of the lid that could spill in to your dessert. When you put the lid down you might want to put it on a towel or a wooden bench, it will be hot and you don’t want to get it dirty, because you will end up putting it back on the oven to keep your food warm.

I hope you try this easy recipe and you like it as much as I do. If you do try it, let me know what you think. I would love to hear how it comes out.


PS.. In my future posts I will be looking at all the tools and gadgets to use with your Cast Iron Dutch Oven.

Purchase your very own Dutch oven HERE, to create yummy treats for your friends!

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  1. I have many cast iron skillets and absolutely love them. I seldom use any other kind of skillet. I have never heard of or seen a cast iron dutch oven and didn’t know that they could be used outdoors. How wonderful! I must have one now! I loved the peach cobbler recipe and can’t wait to try it. How do you clean the dutch oven when you are camping? Is there a difference between cast iron skillets and the dutch oven? Have you ever used a skillet outside? Sorry for all the questions, but it sounds great and I can’t wait to try it! Thanks for your great article!

    1. Hi Brenda,
      I have only ever used my dutch oven camping, I will have to try the skillet the next time we go camping. When we do use the dutch oven camping, after all they yummy fixens are devoured, I fill the oven to the crust line with water and let it sit on the the campfire. It does not need to get to boiling, but as it warms up, I take my wooden spoon an scrape the sides and bottom. After the sides and bottom have no more food crums, I dump out the water, wipe it with a paper towel and set it back on the fire to make sure it is good an dry. Once I get home, I will put a very light coat of crisco all over the oven. This will keep your oven from rusting while not in use.

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