I’m Old School When Starting Charcoal

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The way I start charcoal outside while getting my dutch oven ready for cooking…

I use of a charcoal chimney to start my charcoal. You can buy on an any hardware store or Amazon.

Rip open the charcoal bag at the top and pour the charcoal into the chimney. You will want to put some paper or other flammable item under the chimney to get the charcoal started. I use the bag that the charcoal came in, I just rip off a piece from the top of the bag and cram it under the chimney where all the wholes are, then I take a lighter and stick it though the holes and light the charcoal bag paper.

Once the paper is well let, it will take about 20 minutes for the charcoal to get good and hot. Once the charcoal is done, be careful and dump the charcoal on a metal tray. Then pick up each piece with some long metal tongs and place the charcoal where needed underneath, around and on top of the dutch oven.

As the charcoal burns it gets smaller, so you will have to compensate and add addition charcoal as the original pieces burn into smaller pieces. Usually I have to make two chimneys of charcoal to took for 1 hour.

1 Pour charcoal into chimney

2 Put paper under chimney

3 Light paper at bottom of chimney

4 Wait for about 20 min for the heated charcoal

5 Dump charcoal on metal tine(be careful not to burn yourself)

6 Use long metal tongs to place charcoal where needed


Let me know how you start your charcoal, I’m always open to new ideas.

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  1. Irene,
    We use the Dutch oven in the fire that we build. Build a rock circle and put the wood burning fire in the middle. After dinner we will put on a bag of charcoal on the fire. We then prepare the food for the oven. When the coals are hot, we use a shovel to make a spot for the oven. Then we shovel the coals over the top of the oven. We let this cook for a while, about 30 minutes when we are making a cobbler. Use the shovel to remove the hot coals from the top and open the lid to see if the contents are done.
    We all sit around the fire eating a fresh cobbler. Tell stories and do skits.

    1. That’s my kind of evening. We always have a good time visiting, telling stories or playing games. I’m so glad you enjoy your Dutch oven with loved ones. Keep Cooking!!

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