Sooo…Where Do I Put This HOT Lid?

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When I took my Lodge Cast Iron Dutch Oven out for the first time. . .

dutch oven lid holderall went great until I had to take the lid off the Dutch oven. I needed to check to see if the cake I was baking was finished or not.

Out at a campsite with dirt all around, I took the lid off the dutch oven and needed a third hand while I held the lid, get a toothpick out of the box and check to see if the cake was done. It only took one time to figure out I needed the outdoor lid holder to set the hot lid on, when checking to see if the dish was done.

doutch oven lid holder     dutch oven lid holder   open cast iron dutch oven lid holder

This is an essential piece of outdoor Dutch oven cooking equipment that everyone needs.

It does not look like much, a metal “C” when folded up, but is worth its weight, on how convenient it is when using your Dutch oven. Just take it out and unfold it and set it on a table or even the ground, and it will keep your lid from getting dirty. The holder is also nice because it keeps the hot lid off any table that might get heat marks from the hot lid touching the table itself.

lid holder

Storing the lid holder inside the Dutch oven when not in use, keeps every thing together.

The nice thing is, its not very expensive for how useful it is.

Go HERE to get your Dutch oven lid holder.

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