What to expect when you start to cook with at Dutch oven outdoors

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When I first started to cook with a Dutch oven I did not have all the items that when with cooking outdoors.

All I had was a 6 quart Dutch oven, soon after getting the oven, I got a bag to put it in.

Dutch oven bag

With a barrowed charcoal chimny, to start a fire with, started cooking.

When I needed something to move the broquests with, I used my friends long metal tongs.

When I needed a pot holder, my freinds were there to lend me one.

When I needed something to take the hot lid off the pan, I used the claw end of my hammer.

dutch oven lid holder


When starting something new you tend to realize that you are missing items that will help you create what you want. Not to worry, as you go along, the equipment will come.  When you enjoy what you are doing, others will help you get the items that make cooking in the outdoors easier.

I have been cooking with a Dutch oven for about 7 years now.

The one thing that I have learned is that I love MY Dutch oven over any of my freinds ovens. As a group we have about 7 ovens we take out camping and all of them cook differently.  My 6 quart oven seems to cook faster that those that are taller and larger, it also weights  less than the larger ones.

When we started cooking with the Dutch ovens, we started with desserts.

Always desserts, yummy.  Maybe because after dinner we all sit around and enjoy the campfire, then start up some charcoal, then teach each other our newest dessert.

outdoors with friends

If you like hanging out with good friends, outdoor Dutch oven cooking may be a great activity to share.

Purchas your very own Dutch oven HERE, to create yummy treats for your friends!

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